Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pizza Pleasing

Any day off in the summer is a gathering time around barbecues and fire pits. Its all about the flame, the smoke and the heat so any food that can be made around this event is welcome. One of our favorite family meals is grilling pizzas. I got this recipe from "America's Test Kitchen" years ago but is popularity in our home is always anticipated once the weather permits.

You could use either store bought dough or home made, almost any will do. Just roll it out really thin and place it on the grill, once it has bubbled up and browned flip over to a baking sheet and place your favorite toppings on. After it has been assembled put the side that had not been cooked yet on the grill and finish it off with your much practiced grill "marks".

We did a Margarita pizza with an olive oil and garlic base, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella as the toppings and a touch of basil at the end. I am sure that a Hawaiian Pizza would be amazing but its seems to only be my preference as the rest of the crew doesn't take to change that well. So for all of you who love to mix it, let me know your creations and how well they were accepted in your family.

Accepted, Hope.


  1. We LOVE grilling pizzas! Maybe we'll do that tonight!

  2. Oh, and our favorite (mine and Pete's) is tomato sauce base, spicy sausage, pineapple, red or green onions, and jalapenos. So hot, but soooo good!

  3. yummy, I like the sound of sweet and spicy it makes it sound so tempting........