Friday, May 29, 2009

Dating do-over

All you moms out there know how important a date day is and how long it takes us to get ready for it, so last minute set backs are always a disappointment.

Last night was precisely that. Now I could tell you all the big details on how awful it was, raging all my thoughts out to a point where initially you would feel sorry for me and we would bond together in our misery. But as I sat there all curled and cute I made a decision to join in on our children's laughter, to take some of their enjoyment and make a date out of it. I went and changed into my sweats, grabbed a camera, and changed my attitude for both "Genius" and I.

The sun set quickly that day and in the end I wouldn't have exchanged it for that romantic dinner that I had longed for. This made me think about our children, how much they accept our faults every time we promise things with an understanding heart. In their eyes they see so much time ahead and its only in ours that we don't. Now I know that in the years ahead I will disappoint them but I hope that by then I had made time for good moments so they can understand the rest when they get older and give me some grace.

It really is about attitude. This is something I struggle with my own, let alone instill it in my children. How do you "turn your frown upside-down?" What do you do?

Do-over, hope.


  1. Drake looks adorable! And your sweats are much too flattering to be called sweats, my dear ;)

  2. I love it when all of a sudden I'm playing WITh the so rare for me. Usually I make myself sit down just long enough to get them interested in an activity; then slip off to do dishes or something equally boring.

  3. I dont have to do anything when im having a bad day everytime one of the kids will come into the room and do something so funny that i lauphing so hard for the rest of the day. my kids are my joy.God allways knows when i need that pick me up. i loved the pic's way cute...