Friday, May 22, 2009

Conversation Clothing

From a recent episode of the "Marriage Tune Up" video series the couple talked about words that have different meanings with men and women that can cause a communication gap. One of those words was "fine" and how to a male the word simply states "good" but the female hears "I don't care". We had a discussion time with the group and argued the differences. "Genius" said that for a better response the women should pick appropriate times depending on the situation and intrigue the male enough so that he is interested in giving you time.

That was exactly what I did for our date day. First, I bought a "boy-friend" t-shirt. I guess its a big hit these days and I thought it would be the perfect wear for our casual, backyard evening. Usually they have some kind of print on them but I didn't pay enough attention to see what it was. We were going to make pizzas on the grill and if the weather permitted build a fire outside. "Genious" walked in and I excitedly pointed out my "casual" look, its his favorite so I wanted him to notice. His response was unexpected when he asked who was on my new t-shirt.
"I don't know?" I replied. "Some chick."
He raised his eyebrows. "It's Pamela Anderson".
"What? How would you know?" I said completely confused as I looked down at my shirt. The print was black and white and was made to look distressed.
"How do you even see that?" I tried to put together the image of the female.
"Ya, its from the movie Barb Wire" He sounded certain.
"Is that weird?" I asked, before I interrupted myself and attempted on making a joke
"My hair is blonde so I guess I'm half-way there, You can call me Pam from now on." Sarcasm rang strong in my voice.
"Genious" laughed, the whole conversation had been fun and playful.
"You mean SPAM!" He teased.

That joke was the beginning of many more that followed and all evening long we laughed because almost anything can be connected to the famous PAM and her new knock-off SPAM. Unintentionally the shirt created interest and captured my husbands attention. A simple "fine" tee became "fantastic" ....and there is no second guessing that word.

I am now curious about the responses other females get as styles change and trends go in and out, what are they doing? And how are the husbands reacting? I have a friend that places attractive items on the bed for her husband to notice during the day so that their paths cross numerous times before she tries it on. What are some of the things you do and do they even get noticed? Let me know.

"Fine", hope.

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