Monday, May 4, 2009

Containing more Containers.

I love these new containers that Cascade Dishwasher Detergent came out with. I reuse them for storage bins and find their lid to be very convenient. So far I have used them for the kids markers and grocery bags but I am sure that their potential is limitless. They are great for organizing in those unseen areas around the house without the extra expense.

Expenses are down by a little but never the amount of change in my life. All those endless coins in my pockets, in my purse and around my house needed a place of convenience and simplicity. I realized that the best thing would be the piggy bank so I updated the classic and put it in a place where the whole family can contribute.

I think that if we can learn to understand the mess we can begin to contain it so I want to know what others are doing inside their cupboards to have somewhat of an order and where do they store the change in their lives? Anything in endless quantities deserves a place on this list so speak up.

Helpful tips make helping people.
Help, hope.

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