Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mercy Me.

"I often wonder why it was me who Satan picked, me to torment my life to ruin. The truth is my soul cries but my heart bleeds evil through my veins. I truly feel the day is coming, I wait for it everyday, every hour. There are days when I just can't wait any longer and I just want this pain to end. When will it ever stop? When will my day of rest come?"

Have mercy on me.

I'm trying to climb the stairway to heaven like Led Zeplin,
Trying to find that powerless treasure like Eddie the Vert,
I do my dirt so my kids see heaven on earth
But the pain in my heart it weighs heavy it hurts,
I hope you see my good intentions for whatever its worth,
No, self conviction when I mention my intentions in verse,
like a preacher or a decon when he's speaking in church,
No, its a lesson that I'm teaching if your seeking my verse,
Like the shock of the hour be a fearless thing,
like the drop of them towers its so plain to see,
that them cowards can't sing a song like I can sing,
they'd rather hold hands like M.L King,
The person in me telling me "By all means nessesary",
So by all means I am armed and my weapons ready,
I got my lessons ready, hoping I learn them,
before I am laid to rest and buried.......

My Brother.

Please pray any prayer you know how for my brother.

It was my brother's birthday on the 19th and yesterday I received one of his letters. Its hard for me to listen to his words, his words about suicide and regret. He does have one thing right we fight our whole lives for different causes, we all are open to lessons to be learned and hope to learn them before we die. To put up our best fight here on earth and look forward to "rest". But the ultimate question remains, where is that rest for you compared to a convict and how is your fight different than there's?

Praying, hope.


  1. Just wondering, was the poem his? And why did you get it in the mail? I will be praying for your brother and your family.

  2. Yes, he wrote the poem. It came with a letter but was pretty personal so I just did a small quote from it. He sends me letters pretty regularly but they have been getting more and more tragic. Prayer would be awesome.

  3. So difficult to see someone you love feel this way about their life. He is fortunate to have you for family, I will be praying for him.

  4. WOW!!!!No different we all have a fight of some sort and cant wait to rest but untill we rest we are fighting the hard fight . to be the best we can be for god.