Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Green

Months ago I found an article that emphasized on going green. It gave helpful tips on introducing plants to brighten your space and one of those ideas was a humid-loving plant growing in a decorative glass hurricane. The ferns can use the moisture they let out and reuse it continually for up to six months without watering and after reading it I became inspired by the beautiful pictures. I knew that this was a great first step in introducing plants in my home so I ripped out the article and placed it in a place I would be sure to find it. It must have been a really safe place because yesterday when I turned my office upside-down it was no where to be found.

When I get going on a idea, it tends to take control and even though I didn't remember what type of plant I needed I went to the nursery in hopes of finding the answers. I know your probably thinking I could have got more than enough information online but in this case I wanted a person to direct me and hopefully give me some of that "Gardner's Thumb" that people seem to have. I needed my vision to be touched and I felt that at the nursery that day.

I came home and assembled my plants. I added some rocks, displayed them above the fire place and kissed my new Green Thumb. As I admired my green space, the air looked fresher and I came to realize that plants aren't so bad, that I would actually love this "thumb" to stick around and if you know anything about keeping indoor plants alive help me out with some key pointers so the "Green" could keep on livin' on.

Growing, hope.


  1. Okay! So tell us what kind of fern and how to do it. It looks great and I have a hurricane waiting!

  2. The lady at the nursery said any fern would do, I bought each kind for variety. I wrapped the container in plastic wrap and secured it with an elastic at the top of the pot so that when I watered it the water wouldn't leak through into the hurricane. I purchased regular rocks from the dollar store, set the plant in and filled the hurricane with them. voila, easy as that.

  3. Thank you! I'll get right on it...

  4. I dont have a green thumb!! Iv been able to keep one plant alive my whole life it was from wmw year ago.You did a great job they look great.

  5. thankyou jen, we will see how long they survive......