Friday, May 29, 2009

Dating do-over

All you moms out there know how important a date day is and how long it takes us to get ready for it, so last minute set backs are always a disappointment.

Last night was precisely that. Now I could tell you all the big details on how awful it was, raging all my thoughts out to a point where initially you would feel sorry for me and we would bond together in our misery. But as I sat there all curled and cute I made a decision to join in on our children's laughter, to take some of their enjoyment and make a date out of it. I went and changed into my sweats, grabbed a camera, and changed my attitude for both "Genius" and I.

The sun set quickly that day and in the end I wouldn't have exchanged it for that romantic dinner that I had longed for. This made me think about our children, how much they accept our faults every time we promise things with an understanding heart. In their eyes they see so much time ahead and its only in ours that we don't. Now I know that in the years ahead I will disappoint them but I hope that by then I had made time for good moments so they can understand the rest when they get older and give me some grace.

It really is about attitude. This is something I struggle with my own, let alone instill it in my children. How do you "turn your frown upside-down?" What do you do?

Do-over, hope.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mercy Me.

"I often wonder why it was me who Satan picked, me to torment my life to ruin. The truth is my soul cries but my heart bleeds evil through my veins. I truly feel the day is coming, I wait for it everyday, every hour. There are days when I just can't wait any longer and I just want this pain to end. When will it ever stop? When will my day of rest come?"

Have mercy on me.

I'm trying to climb the stairway to heaven like Led Zeplin,
Trying to find that powerless treasure like Eddie the Vert,
I do my dirt so my kids see heaven on earth
But the pain in my heart it weighs heavy it hurts,
I hope you see my good intentions for whatever its worth,
No, self conviction when I mention my intentions in verse,
like a preacher or a decon when he's speaking in church,
No, its a lesson that I'm teaching if your seeking my verse,
Like the shock of the hour be a fearless thing,
like the drop of them towers its so plain to see,
that them cowards can't sing a song like I can sing,
they'd rather hold hands like M.L King,
The person in me telling me "By all means nessesary",
So by all means I am armed and my weapons ready,
I got my lessons ready, hoping I learn them,
before I am laid to rest and buried.......

My Brother.

Please pray any prayer you know how for my brother.

It was my brother's birthday on the 19th and yesterday I received one of his letters. Its hard for me to listen to his words, his words about suicide and regret. He does have one thing right we fight our whole lives for different causes, we all are open to lessons to be learned and hope to learn them before we die. To put up our best fight here on earth and look forward to "rest". But the ultimate question remains, where is that rest for you compared to a convict and how is your fight different than there's?

Praying, hope.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pizza Pleasing

Any day off in the summer is a gathering time around barbecues and fire pits. Its all about the flame, the smoke and the heat so any food that can be made around this event is welcome. One of our favorite family meals is grilling pizzas. I got this recipe from "America's Test Kitchen" years ago but is popularity in our home is always anticipated once the weather permits.

You could use either store bought dough or home made, almost any will do. Just roll it out really thin and place it on the grill, once it has bubbled up and browned flip over to a baking sheet and place your favorite toppings on. After it has been assembled put the side that had not been cooked yet on the grill and finish it off with your much practiced grill "marks".

We did a Margarita pizza with an olive oil and garlic base, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella as the toppings and a touch of basil at the end. I am sure that a Hawaiian Pizza would be amazing but its seems to only be my preference as the rest of the crew doesn't take to change that well. So for all of you who love to mix it, let me know your creations and how well they were accepted in your family.

Accepted, Hope.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Conversation Clothing

From a recent episode of the "Marriage Tune Up" video series the couple talked about words that have different meanings with men and women that can cause a communication gap. One of those words was "fine" and how to a male the word simply states "good" but the female hears "I don't care". We had a discussion time with the group and argued the differences. "Genius" said that for a better response the women should pick appropriate times depending on the situation and intrigue the male enough so that he is interested in giving you time.

That was exactly what I did for our date day. First, I bought a "boy-friend" t-shirt. I guess its a big hit these days and I thought it would be the perfect wear for our casual, backyard evening. Usually they have some kind of print on them but I didn't pay enough attention to see what it was. We were going to make pizzas on the grill and if the weather permitted build a fire outside. "Genious" walked in and I excitedly pointed out my "casual" look, its his favorite so I wanted him to notice. His response was unexpected when he asked who was on my new t-shirt.
"I don't know?" I replied. "Some chick."
He raised his eyebrows. "It's Pamela Anderson".
"What? How would you know?" I said completely confused as I looked down at my shirt. The print was black and white and was made to look distressed.
"How do you even see that?" I tried to put together the image of the female.
"Ya, its from the movie Barb Wire" He sounded certain.
"Is that weird?" I asked, before I interrupted myself and attempted on making a joke
"My hair is blonde so I guess I'm half-way there, You can call me Pam from now on." Sarcasm rang strong in my voice.
"Genious" laughed, the whole conversation had been fun and playful.
"You mean SPAM!" He teased.

That joke was the beginning of many more that followed and all evening long we laughed because almost anything can be connected to the famous PAM and her new knock-off SPAM. Unintentionally the shirt created interest and captured my husbands attention. A simple "fine" tee became "fantastic" ....and there is no second guessing that word.

I am now curious about the responses other females get as styles change and trends go in and out, what are they doing? And how are the husbands reacting? I have a friend that places attractive items on the bed for her husband to notice during the day so that their paths cross numerous times before she tries it on. What are some of the things you do and do they even get noticed? Let me know.

"Fine", hope.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Powder Up Girls

I came across this picture in the trash file, it was taken by our friend for a contest that I never entered so I simply threw it away. Luckily in this computer age even the deleted items are stored so I moved the picture and now I am able to share it with you.

This unexpected space gets people excited and its easy to say that this is my favorite room in the house. Our powder room is a small space with a lot of drama and when I was putting it together I wanted it to resemble the rest of our home. The "Black and White" theme echoes in every room where floor to ceiling curtains are always a must. Simple and clutterless is my kind of style because it always feels clean and fresh.

I have heard that a bathroom determines the condition of a house, I don't know how true that is but I guess if you have time to keep your bathroom clean every thing else should be in makes sense, but what do you think?

Private, hope

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bi Bitty, Bo Bitty, Boo!

Previously I wrote a blog about my Dining Room dilemma, and since then I have been enjoying the chargers I had placed but the middle of the table still lacked a centerpiece. I rummaged through my odds and ends and "put them together". All of a sudden, at the touch of a wand a glass slipper was born. Magically these pieces fit together just like in a fairy tale, perfectly aligned and unintentionally created.




I wish I could say that I was actually inspired by something else besides junk but some times the best things can happen by sheer chance. So I presumed to believe that if it worked for Cinderella it could also work for us, so whats your fairy-tale? Tell your story.

Magical, Hope.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pineapple Express

Draker's my one year old is the cutest little thing but some times I feel he is more like a puppy. He is exceptionally friendly and uses his emotions a lot. For example he tilts his head to one side when meeting new people, brings different cups to me depending on if he wants juice, water or milk (kind of like a dog brings you his leash or ball) but most of all he needs to be taken for walks outside at least three times a day. I swear if this won't prepare me for a dog nothing will.

Today the sun is finally shinning and my damp, little heart rejoices. I can stop sitting in the rain, in the cold, in the hail (yes, it hailed this week) and finally enjoy taking Draker's outside. Seeing that the weather looked quite pleasant in comparison with the rest of the week I called a friend and made plans to meet at the park late in the afternoon.

No day in the park would be complete without a picnic so having the day quite free I baked some Zucchini Pineapple Muffins. I think they are the perfect afternoon snack because they are both healthy, sweet and quite delicious. I love to have a piece of extra pineapple on top because it reminds me of the grilled ones but adding a little bit of honey or butter makes it go over the top. By the time I took them out of the oven I was really looking forward on going and since I was already in the kitchen I cut up some watermelon, make a few sandwiches and packed some water for the kidlings. So just in case you feel like heading out to the park this weekend make sure to pack this easy snack.

Zucchini Pineapple Muffins
(Source was from a friend)

1 20 oz. Can Crushed Pineapple
1 Pkg. Krutz Honey Cornbread mix
1 cup. Shredded Zucchini
2 tsp. Baking Powder
Butter for Greasing

Preheat oven to 350 F. Combine all ingrediants in a bowl. Grease mini muffin pan and place mixture in. I placed a slice of fresh pineapple on top and sprinkled sugar on it. Place in oven and bake for 15-20 mins.

I am always looking for new picnic snacks around the time the weather starts to warm up. What are some of your favorites? Let me know, I am a sucker for delicious delights.

Delighting, hope.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Green

Months ago I found an article that emphasized on going green. It gave helpful tips on introducing plants to brighten your space and one of those ideas was a humid-loving plant growing in a decorative glass hurricane. The ferns can use the moisture they let out and reuse it continually for up to six months without watering and after reading it I became inspired by the beautiful pictures. I knew that this was a great first step in introducing plants in my home so I ripped out the article and placed it in a place I would be sure to find it. It must have been a really safe place because yesterday when I turned my office upside-down it was no where to be found.

When I get going on a idea, it tends to take control and even though I didn't remember what type of plant I needed I went to the nursery in hopes of finding the answers. I know your probably thinking I could have got more than enough information online but in this case I wanted a person to direct me and hopefully give me some of that "Gardner's Thumb" that people seem to have. I needed my vision to be touched and I felt that at the nursery that day.

I came home and assembled my plants. I added some rocks, displayed them above the fire place and kissed my new Green Thumb. As I admired my green space, the air looked fresher and I came to realize that plants aren't so bad, that I would actually love this "thumb" to stick around and if you know anything about keeping indoor plants alive help me out with some key pointers so the "Green" could keep on livin' on.

Growing, hope.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bridal Bash

This Saturday my sister-in-law and I held a bridal shower for our new sister-in-law to be. The shower was done in our home and many last minute preparations had to be made. The Cake we made was a Red Velvet Cake with a Cream Cheese frosting by Paula Dean. We knew we wanted to do a "Corset cake" so we had a little fun and made the breasts 3 sizes to big and the waist unreasonably small. When she was cut open there was a layer of pink fabric (fondant), skin (frosting) and flesh (cake). We laughed together over the intentional exaggerations. Playfully we assembled our creation and let creativity flow as the minutes turned to hours quickly.

Before the arrival of the guests we created a centerpiece which was also the gift. I had purchased the jewelry branch in Costco that week and was pretty excited by it. I did think it had potential but the idea came just days before the party. We wrapped the secrets separately and hung them on the tree and a collection of the "Dream Angel" samples were strung along side a scented bra.

The party went well. There was plenty of food eat, new people to meet and little presents to create lots of heat. There was music playing. Candles blowing. Wine sipping. And lots of wonderful ladies. Everything was beautiful, almost magical and I thought that it was the perfect introduction for her wedding.

All in all the cake was the biggest hit, and it didn't even matter so much what was on the inside. Of course I am not a professional and the lace was not edible but it worked and fulfilled my vision for the party. If by any means you are a cake artist I would love any input on how to create a lace look without using it, on the other hand if you are a beginner like me and would like to know how to create one yourself don't hesitate to ask.

"I do", hope.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Frenzy

Mothers day is this week end. We try to celebrate this day the best way we know how and that is by going with the "flow". The "flow" during this holiday focuses in on flowers being delivered, special sentimental jewelry and gift certificates for luxurious spa treatments. Of course there are also handmade cards, handpicked dandelions and homemade breakfasts from the biggest of hearts...our kids. This year I thought that I would love nothing more than a photo of them on a ring that I had seen on Miranda's finger almost a year ago. It was from but a little spendy so I thought "Mother's Day" would be the perfect excuse for purchasing it.

I relied on my idea and imagined their sweet faces always in my hands reach. I knew that this was what I wanted and this occasion would give me that type of cheese. Cheesiness, is defined by being tasteless or tacky but I didn't care because it would probably look better then my wedding ring, which I am sure reads "pathetic". It was easy to choose between the two.

For two days I tried taking a decent picture and I realize now why I previously paid a photographer, which wasn't an option this time so I needed to be as pleasant as I could. Patience, kindness, consideration and love were put to the test that day and I realized what being a mother was about.....

Don't expect perfection from the first time and
know what you are asking from your children.

Applaud them for listening and trying but
some times giving up helps us be stronger.

Wait until you are fully ready to try again,
but do so prepared. I needed an umbrella.

Proper attitudes is something we all struggle with.
Learning that is a life long journey.

That day I found out that that ring is no longer offered by that website and I was very much disappointed but in the end, when I looked at the picture I saw how much my kids loved me and how much they tried to make my "Mother's Day" gift work, so that was enough.

What is your favorite type of cheese and did you get it this Mother's Day?

Cheesy, hope.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Containing more Containers.

I love these new containers that Cascade Dishwasher Detergent came out with. I reuse them for storage bins and find their lid to be very convenient. So far I have used them for the kids markers and grocery bags but I am sure that their potential is limitless. They are great for organizing in those unseen areas around the house without the extra expense.

Expenses are down by a little but never the amount of change in my life. All those endless coins in my pockets, in my purse and around my house needed a place of convenience and simplicity. I realized that the best thing would be the piggy bank so I updated the classic and put it in a place where the whole family can contribute.

I think that if we can learn to understand the mess we can begin to contain it so I want to know what others are doing inside their cupboards to have somewhat of an order and where do they store the change in their lives? Anything in endless quantities deserves a place on this list so speak up.

Helpful tips make helping people.
Help, hope.

Great deals, Good days

Patience plays a part in finding a good deal because its more then a dollar amount to me. Its about holding back that impulse of a certain "must have" and making a decision that unless my life will be changed by this particular item, I have an option of waiting.

I usually make a list at home of things that I want and then I start to pay attention to how much they cost in different places and the availability of that particular item. As I browse around I estimate the amount that I would definitely buy it for and make a decision that if I was to spot it that would be the time to buy it.

Sometimes I find things because I don't give in, like my blinds. I don't know the original cost of these roman shades but to buy the blinds we had wanted from Home Depot would have been 250 dollars. The decision to wait, and be okay with having nothing was rewarding when I found them for 30 dollars. They covered more then just four windows but all our embarrassing moments as well!

Some times I stumble upon them unintentionally, like my Bodem tea pot only a month ago. The original cost of these is about 30 dollars and I got mine for 2.99. I was pretty excited, this teapot serves me well everyday when I drink my tea in my now private kitchen.

Some times it comes from persistence. I have been going to Good Will weekly for 4 months in hopes of finding a mirror I saw in Target for 99 dollars.Even though I really wanted it I promised myself that I would only buy it if I happened to find it there. I did. It was 30 dollars and still packaged. I think it was specifically donated for me.

Sometimes it comes from compromise like my Sam Edelman shoes that I purchased today for 3.99. My size is 5.5 but they were size 6, I figured that padding my shoe was better then spending 119 dollars for a pair of flats. Yellow seems to be popular, especially this shade so I was pretty lucky to have found them. The sun shines down to the tips of my feet in comfort.

They are always unexpected but always awaited and I think that good deals are anywhere you go consistently enough to look for them. Mine happens to be in Good will but I know people who rave about Fred Meyers, the 1 cent shelves in Walmart and garage sales. Where do you go and what did you find? What's your story.

Patient, hope.