Monday, June 29, 2009

Cherished Childhood

Almost everyone has those embarrassing child photos somewhere. Lurking in a box, in a old photo book, or in your parents attic. They are out there weather we like them or not. I did not. I just wasn't one of those "cute" kids, so the thought of even putting, no....hanging it on the wall didn't even come up until I was at a friends house. She was one of those people that just come from a good looking family, have beautiful kids and live in a chic little house with plenty of character and style. I love her and her home because it had everything my place didn't and it offered me a different kind of palate. I would sit and admire her tasteful style on her couch. I would wonder how 10 different patterns of floral could work so great together in her home but not in mine. I would makes notes of changes that I needed to make for my space to look little more interesting. As I sat there in the middle of the colors... and textures... and stuff I noticed three great wedding photos of her parents, his parents and theirs. I fell in love with it. I loved the thought and charm that was put into it and it sparked this decorating idea.

Here is how:
  • Take a frame. I used a really nice frame to create interest for my mediocre pictures.
  • Take a scrape of fabric. I don't even know why I have an obsession to buy pieces of fabric, and worse to keep them without any reason. By using it justified my obsession.
  • Take a couple similar photos with similar styles or colors to join them together. I scanned and reprinted his in "sepia" to match mine.
  • Take your creativity to a whole different level, be as creative as you want but learn with each attempt. I have yet to master this so be my guest.
Attempting, hope.

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