Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lavender meets Jalepeno

Date day started off with a great pair of jeans and heels, it was still morning as we drove to Home Depot to pick out some Herbs for his garden. We had a fun time picking and choosing. The many smells surrounded us, invited us and provoked our senses. Being a little overwhelmed by the choices we compromised and gave ourselves each a personal plant. Lavender was sweet, fresh and clean. It was my kind of plant for all those reasons and more. Now, him on the other hand just needed "hot". This speaks on a level beyond food and continues on in our marriage. Intense would be the best way to describe it and a Jalapeno would give him just that. We played in the aisles, payed for our plants and left each other to do the rest of our own responsibilities.

Gardening would have been fun, getting down and dirty but a storm came in and the news anchor warned us of a tornado watch. "Genius" rented a movie and we sat together comforted by pitter-patter coming from the familiar sound of rain.

What are some interests that you and your spouse share that may seem like a chore to others but for you its pleasure? One time I pulled out a card that asked "What part of living on the farm would you least enjoy?" and to my surprise "Genius" said that there would be "nothing" where as I on the other hand was finding hard to find anything. Least to say we do not live on a farm, just growing a small garden of compromise.

Growing, Hope.

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