Friday, June 26, 2009

Made in Canada

After 3 weeks of clouds and wind the weather finally soared over 60 degrees. Almost any kind of good weather deserves to be celebrated over here and we went downtown to do that. Now I am a girl from Canada who grew up by the Great Lakes, who is used to temperatures of 90 degrees, to humidity, to sun shine days and occasionally hot summer thunderstorms. Seven years later since I moved down here I am still a Canadian at heart and a full supporter of all they have to offer.

Some people look for "Oprah's Book Club" but I look for the small and many times missed sticker of "Made in Canada". There is a certain kind of pride that goes with it, just to know that America can't make everything and does use their sister country for something. I am sure I gleam just a little bit when I find it and no marketing is required for me to fork up hundreds of dollars.

Times of relaxing does not mean being a bum. Its comfortable, its quality and its luxury to a line that sells athletic wear. I personally love all of their clothing but they really do know what the ultimate "hoodie" should be. Without a doubt that's my favorite thing there. Ironically enough, Oprah's heard of them too :) MADE IN CANADA.

Spa treatments are also desired by almost every women, being pampered is always a treat. For all of you that do it at home, need to try "Lush". Besides being organic they give great demonstrations of their products and even keep the kids interested. This week I am trying their face care products and right now their blueberry mask has won me over. It really is like nothing out there so sign up for their monthly specials at MADE IN CANADA.

Their are those days when you want to stand out, to be noticed and to be complimented but this time they keep it on the inside. So sneaky of them....those Canadians! Sadly you can only view the beautiful clothes online but fortunately enough I have family there who know what to get me if they want to literally "send their love". I kid you not when I say that anytime I wear anything from there, it just screams attention and what girl wouldn't love that? So if by any chance you happen to go to the sister land be sure to stop by "Le Chateau". MADE IN CANADA.

Canadian, Hope.


  1. I love ya, you cute little Canadian!

  2. Heeellloooo Tamar :)
    THANK YOU for your kind words.