Friday, June 19, 2009

One Perspective

These are the parts, the things that I see, held in my heart for you and for me. For the things that unfold are the truths that I know. This is my image of you.

Your stride is your confidence guiding you. You are aware of the things around and you know that you can make a difference. It is amazing how in tune you are with yourself, so much so that no matter what has happened you accepted it and took action. You are quick to learn, to adjust with the speed of life. There is no room for regret, for regret is not a step forward to the place you are heading.

You are strong, collected, confident. You know what you want and you are prepared for it. Despite all of this you are also approachable, likable and reasonable. You are cocky but charming, smart but funny and realistic but positive. You are not boring and can hold a conversation, you give proper compliments and are not afraid to show your sensitive side. You know how to have fun and are not up-tight. You know how to unwind and enjoy life. You believe in miracles, in soul-mates and love-at-first-sight. You stand for religion and all things that are right. You have a voice, you have power and charisma. You have ambitions, goals, and dreams. You know when you are wrong and are not ashamed to apologize.

You are your own, you know who you are and the person you have become. You give it your everything. You do all that you can. To prove to us daily that you hold your self accountable by your actions. You are responsible, respected and reliable. You are understanding, willing, and giving. You have compassion and our needs always come before your own.

In any case you are the perfect man by all the worldly standards. Happy Fathers Day to all those fathers, the ones that try, the ones who stand strong when we don't and to the ones who take it when we can't. Because we watch you everyday, grow with you, and become you.

Watching, hope.

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