Wednesday, June 17, 2009

100 Things To Do

Every week there seems to be a routine feeling of "100 things to do". Tackling the house, balancing life and raising our kids gives us each a list of our own. Here is my typical Monday.

9:00 am
My first step: Do that which I would never get to.

15 nails hammered to fix my jewelry case.
1 moldy plant, that needed to be saved.
Things that are not in the way don't bother me.

10:00 am
My second step: Do that which I have trouble remembering.

4 pillowcases removed and
4 stinky sheets washed.
I always think it could wait one more week.

2 rugs vacuumed on the deck and
5 pieces of furniture placed back on them.
Outdoors chores escape me constantly.

10 Bank Bills filed away,
5 passports opened and organized,
15 post-its were picked over.
If I could I would hire some one.

11:00 am
My Third step: Pick up all that stuff everywhere!

4 pairs of shoes, in each corner of the house.
15 Lego pieces scattered between different cabinets.
1 small bin of infant toys put back.
It is possible that most of this mess was made by "Drakers" and
keeping up with a toddlers adventures requires a whole other list.

8 folded towels put back on the shelf
2 stacks of clothes to hang or put away
3 blankets, folded neatly.
This is a repeated laundry cycle which I realize that if I did it correctly, It would eliminate this step. Too lazy...too late for regret.

12:00 pm
My fourth step: Feed the family lunch,
Munch while preparing.

12:30 pm
My fifth step: Clean all of our filth.

5 windows windexed to a sparkling shine.
7 mirrors cleaned, reflection perfect.
6 black surfaces dusted,
4 garbage buckets emptied,
5 sinks scrubbed until shiny,
3 toilets sanitized of their odor,
7 counters wiped clean.
6 rooms were vacuumed and
4 rooms with hardwood floors were washed.
5 bedroom beds had to be remade.
17 Pillows fluffed and placed

My last step: Clean the kitchen

50 dishes loaded
15 dishes washed by hand
3 appliances wiped down
1 table straightened
4 place mats put down
12 fresh flowers trimmed
2 pillows fluffed.

2:00 and 250 things later I sit back and rest.

I am really happy that I only clean once a week. It takes care of that but like many of you know that's not even the half of it. I tackle most of it on one day to free my mind from it and I am curious to know the ways you tackle yours. What's your list of a hundred or more? What do your days look like? Make one yourself and let us know because everyone needs to tackle life we just go about it differently.

Tackle, hope.

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