Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring time forward

Its spring time and it seems like everywhere you turn there are pastels dancing around in their cleanliness. Everything is fresh, green, and clean. So you can't help yourself but be influenced and allow the stores advertising to play in your mind. There are eggs, birds and bulbs at every turn that it seems to not only invite us to see nature being renewed but also the planting of our own seeds. Yep, once again pregnant mothers are at every turn. Babies are being made, new life is beginning and inspirations are born.

Last week had definitely been inspiring. It seemed like everything that I saw, I wanted to have. One thing that really sparked my interest was the cover on some magazine, it had a picture of a centerpiece. The theme was a collaboration of spring branches in bloom and Easter eggs. Now I am not one of those people that have themed items in the home, I enjoy them but if I am about to introduce new life in my house I would rather buy a plant then a pastel, clay bunny. I thought that was me until that picture captivated my interest. All of a sudden to add little eggs to the flowers seemed so ingenious that my previous views of "fresh" abandoned me. I needed it to show my excitement for the upcoming season and at that point no plant would be able to portray it for me. So my search began and ended in TJ Max for the blue speckled eggs that I so needed to have at an affordable price of 5.99. Thank you TJ your the best.

Spring is the perfect season to invite new changes in our own lives. Just because the you, you remember is not into something doesn't mean you can't be. So go ahead and put a speckled egg in your life because even small steps are steps taken.

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  1. (even small steps are steps taken ) you are so right thank God we have him takeing them with us.