Monday, March 9, 2009

A lack for Design?

I like for things to look neat because I don't have an eye for randomly placed objects to look very good. I have read some books in search of some answers in my much needed space to look nice. They had some helpful tips but most of them were things that I had to invest time in and learn more about. One thing that I needed right away was an idea on how to cover the bare walls in my 3200 square foot house. While all this learning was taking place I decided to use simplicity to create drama, a repetition of similar items to fill my empty area. Basically if your in a rut and your design senses need some time to break through, don't worry. Take something you love and repeat it on a large scale. I started with my family room and hung our family photos, it definitely creates a statement and an understanding on what the function for that room is. It is there to hang out in, to take Sunday naps in, to sit by the fire, to watch movies in, to play in, and mostly just to be us in. What is important to you should be seen in your home. Make a statement.

Inviting, hope

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