Friday, March 13, 2009

Have a snow date.

One of our favorite past-times happened a week after we had just met. "Genius" was on the mountain with some friends snowboarding. He must have been thinking about me because he decided to fill his truck with snow and bring it over to me in hopes of having a snowball fight! I was a girl from Canada, where there is always snow during the holidays. That day he gave me the perfect Christmas gift, snow to a place that had none was what made my stay memorable.

Now 7 years later we still go visit the snow. Snowboarding is something we enjoy doing together but in this economy its become too expensive to be a serious hobby so we go when we have some extra cash. For our date this week he took off a day of work and we went there for the first time this season.

The conditions on the mountain were perfect. It was sunny enough to make the shadows dance from the ski-lifts, it was warm enough to be lightly dressed but still look cute. The sky was clear, the wind was calm and the snow had fallen only two days prior. I was a little scared but the weather provided some level of comfort. I started off slow but gained too much confidence by the 3rd run so I did have a pretty bad fall. "Genius's" solution to that and to almost any problem is to go and have a glass of water. I know that it doesn't make sense but it sometimes it works and today was that day. Being refreshed helped me put a fresh start on my attitude so we continued. We had a chance to hang out, ride the slopes, see each other fall, laugh about it, and in the end drink plenty of water. Love was in the air today.

Things that brought you together when you dated should be remembered in your marriage. Experiencing the past times again are always fun, they tend to bring out the young and foolish side of you! What's your story, and how does it play a part in your lives today?

Fun Hope.


  1. One of my favorite posts so guys are too cute!

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