Friday, March 20, 2009

Do nothing be everything

We love the anticipation in almost anything. Its that simple pleasure that excites most of us, like getting our hair done, our nails painted or going out for a lunch date with a friend. Its fun and we wish it would happen more often but the truth is that most of us have a hundred other things to do, so we make appointments. We pencil things in.

The same thing goes for husbands. They love to anticipate too, only what they want is you. There is something created between you and your husband when you let them know that you reserved a evening just for him. Just by you telling him that you will be "available" sparks interest. Its amazing how both of you feel when you anticipate each other.

So go all out, he is the one you chose for yourself. Put on that outfit which for some unexplained reason he totally loves. Send him a little text asking him what he feels like having for dinner and before he comes home give your kids something to do. Let it be casual, but devoted to him. Take control, take his hand and lead him to the bedroom.....he'll know what to do!

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