Monday, March 30, 2009

A Cinderella Story

Last week I received a package in the mail. From the looks of it, it was from my family in Canada. The box was a medium size, wrapped in purple and scotch tape. There was a hole on one of the corners from the intense shipping. I signed the necessary paperwork and went skipping to my car, ya. I skipped. How often would one get a special package in the mail? Trust me when I say that if you did, you would skip.

It was one of those moments when my mind couldn't hold back the excitement. I watched my hands scramble to open the box. Luckily because of the hole, it was easy and the contents were finally revealed. My very first pair of Chanel shoes!

Unaffordable fashion met "me". I smiled and thought of Cinderella. She was a regular girl who saw wealth from a distance. Don't we all feel that way, looking in magazines that proclaim the rich and famous? But circumstances changed for Cinderella as they had changed for me. We each received an invitation to experience the upper class with the handing of a shoe.

In the end we both had our Castle, our Prince, and our Shoes. What more would we need? My theory is that we don't even know until life hands us something unexpected, something so great we didn't even think we deserved it and because of that...... our lives are changed.

Happy Endings, hope.

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  1. dont you love that kind of blessing i do and even more i love blessing other people that way.