Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Either a "hit" or a "miss"

It seems that sandwiches are either a "hit" or "miss" with me. I order them but they have never been that inciting for me to want them over and over again. For me the perfect sandwich requires a lot. It needs to start with a good quality bread, the kind where you can taste the freshness without the need of toasting it to have its homemade charm. I like it to be presentable but not persuasive. What I mean by that is sometimes the amount of lettuce and meat surpass everything else on the sandwich. Assuring me that its fresh and filling. I need to be more subtle, for each item to hold its own place of importance. I want to see versatility, not height. A good sandwich has only what is necessary. I find that when you have something so simple it needs to have the best type of ingredients because anyone can make a BLT and the difference that stands between it and all the others is quality.

(I had to have it again so I made it at home, it was comparable and I was in love.)

On my recent lunch date at Nordstrom cafe I had a BLTA or something to it. Basically it was a regular BLT but with turkey and avocado. The turkey had a little bit of smokey flavour that went well with the Havarti cheese. The bacon was crisp, the lettuce was just enough and the tomato and avocado were ripe. It was so good that for the first time I was craving sandwich because it exceeded the typical standard.

Isn't that what quality is, the exceeding of the typical standard. Nordstrom definitely did that for me. It is one of those places that doesn't proclaim its title it proves it to you.

They have a cook book that has some of their best recipes. I don't have one but it looks promising at if you search under cook books.

Enjoy, Hope.

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