Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three's a charm

Here I am. Guests are gone. House feels quiet and I have caught up with everything. Everything to me means cleaning (of course!) laundry, organizing, ironing, hemming, groceries and all of the necessary appointments. It is amazing how many things can accumulate over a month, this has never happened to me before so the recoup lasted one week.

One week later, I find time for redecorating. I tend to do this often. I like to change it up, get a new feel on things and my constant battle for the last 3 years has been our "living room".

This was the beginning in 2006. I love the clay jars, they were a gift and probably the most expensive accessory in the house. It's designer and it show's. I love it.

Replacing them, I added more drama with curly willow and cherry blossoms. Lighting helped but the side table was gone. The problem was that I had no other place to put it. This caused a storage issue and I needed another floor plan.

The big change was dropping the mirror from the wall to the floor. It does not sound complicated (so I thought) but with a mirror this size it needed to be done with muscle. I do not have that, so it took a little time to get this vision set on the floor. Regardless, all of the pieces are present and I like the new floor plan. It is full, yet minimalistic and it seems to work for this space. Tell me thoughts.

What has worked for you when you redecorate? Where do your inspirations come from? Mine has been about texture in this house, so take a closer look.....

Changing, hope.

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