Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the pages of a magazine

Today was the first day of school for my seven-year-old, I was up early making sure he had everything he needed to send him on his way though the open doors of education. Feeling inspired, I decided to step forward and finally get some education on table-setting at a book store. This new desire came from a baby shower that I attended, where the table looked like it came from the pages of a magazine.

I realized that moment that if people can, I would be on a hunt to learn. The problem that I noticed that I do not own any "serving" dishes. Besides my soup plates, dinner and dessert plates I have a few mixing bowls but nothing else. No wonder my table looks thrown together....usually it's because it is.

So my visit at the store was unsuccessful. It turns out that Borders does not carry any books on tables so you and I are alone on this one. Regardless of my misfortune. I was there with both of my children, and story time was in an hour so I was willing to stick around and look through the pages of impossible.

Let me just tell you that I feel for all of you out there that don't have a clue about cooking or baking. I seemed to grasp that concept over continual practice but tables...that's this story. The story of assembling your creations to your guests appeal and as I flipped the pages of the book, I began to be overwhelmed by their ideas. By their work. Both creative and delicious.

Applying pictures, that seem impossible to become real in my kitchen would be my first step if I were writing a book. If I were to make the pages of the magazine be the pages of my food then I needed their visions to become my time. I now know that I can make my food appealing enough, now I just need the second part. A dish for the delish.

This is the beginning of my journey on serving so if you have any suggestions to make my life a little easier that would be awesome, other wise come along for the ride because the recipe for these is coming soon.

Serving, hope.

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