Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charlotte's Web

A few months ago I read something inspiring to add to my life. A blogger wrote, "If you think that when I look through my window I see the same thing, think again." In that moment I realized that if each and every day is a new day, what new things do we see? I haven't even looked out my window in years, let alone see something different. Don't you think that if change can not be seen we can't build up our hope? Here in the Northwest it is hard to see beyond the rain so this will be a new direction for me.

Stepping through the door yesterday, to pick some herbs from our garden it was easy to spot the spider. My emotions always come late but the sound of my heart not beating was easy to notice. I felt my breath quicken as I ran to the garden which by now had become my hard earned, very deserved oregano.

Back at home I looked through my window, I knew I needed a execution plan and I contemplated the part where I hit it with a broom. It seemed that the chances of him getting me were too high in comparison to him leaving its web and entering our home so I decided to wait for "Genius". Yes, he will just have to deal with the intrusion made by our new guest.

Only this morning did it hit me that in "Charlotte's Web" the spider came to the farm to save it. Well...could it be, could the spider have picked me? I know it sounds like a fairy tale, but I was open to anything. I went to the door to see if she was still there and as I opened it my Charlotte was there. In that moment it took a "Charlotte" to realize that each morning there is change in something or someone. No day is the same and that there is hope for me today because I survived yesterday.

Good-day to you, hope.

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