Monday, September 14, 2009

Olive Garden

Every time we go over to Olive garden I always pay attention to there photos that hang on the wall. I see people who enjoy their lives surrounded by food, wine and laughter. As I sit and wait for my meal I can't help but wonder if Italy is like the pictures hanging on these walls. A place with age, realness, authenticity and tradition. Captivated by their expressions I hoped to recreate the same atmosphere in our home for my husbands birthday this weekend. Take a look.

Of course there were moments out side of the table too....

My pictures are ready to be hung on the walls of dining area but sadly I need a lesson(or two) on "table setting time". I started on the right track, I did buy a few platters (Costco had a set, I couldn't help but buy) but I soon realized that I overestimated myself and even my plastic covered table had to be done with help. Despite my efforts I couldn't have a beautiful table to show you, so another day and another time. I need some learning to do.

Learning, hope.

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