Friday, August 28, 2009

The bet is on

Years ago we met a couple with many differences between one another. What they did to challenge each other was betting. Every dislike became an obstacle and every opinion was put to the test. The offers were made, rules exchanged and the bet was on. I will add that it was fun to watch, to anticipate the final result and as a couple we couldn't resist the temptations of "having a bet".

In secret I will tell you that ladies should take advantage of this opportunity. In theory most of the time we are right and this is a way to cash in on that. Men on the other hand love challenges, competitions and games. They love battle so this is one way they can have their way.

Yesterday, a simple disagreement turned into a game. I argued that some people have an energy (or something?) about them where they can get electrocuted numerous times and it will keep happening to them over and over again. He said that he had only heard of 3 and I was certain that I was aware of a person who had been hit by lightening 7 times.

The bet was on. He made a phone call to his friend who looked it up online. It was a big deal and no one wanted to be wrong but this evening the "genius" husband of mine needed to take a hit. Some times there are days when I know more than him and lucky for me that day was yesterday.

My prize was a gift that he would buy me, a wrapped up surprise for no reason at all. And as he shops for it, with a happy heart he will think of me and the time that "I WAS RIGHT". Let me gloat in my glory just this once because I never know what the next bet will bring.

Win or lose, hope.


  1. Pete and I love a good battle. We need to start doing this so I, too, can cash in on all the times I'm right ;)

  2. Pass it on. LoL. Let me warn you that it's a gamble so always be prepared to lose just in case the female instincts let you down....
    All the best to you.

  3. It's easy to predict what the man will want if he wins though!!!!! It wont cost you a dime.