Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bottling up Potencial

The Nines is a ritzy, expensive and very luxurious hotel located in the center of down town Portland. Of course I am probably one of the thousands of viewers who have been awed by their website and as I looked through their photos, a particular one caught my eye. The room was called "The Pantry". Rows of shelves were lined with canned jars, lighten up they surrounded an island in the center of the room. They invited me in with their familiarity. The memories of my mom canning vegetables for the winter seemed so fresh in my mind and I decided to attempt the very thing that scared me. I have never canned nor had any interests regarding this hobby and as far as I was concerned it was on my list of things-I-don't-care-about along with quilting and scrap booking. Little did I know that a well-taken picture, along with a modern take on displaying jars would be an inspiration to me.

I proudly set my jars on the shelves, in my kitchen. Looking at them I saw more then pickles and tomatoes, I found potential. Potential for a cheap decorating idea, I saw empty bookshelves being filled with substance because sometimes old-fashioned just needs a chance to be updated. The ninth did that for me. A new take on a soon to be trend? Don't bottle up your thoughts now, give me some feed back or just check the site I am sure you will find some kind of inspiration.....

A new take on, hope.

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