Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....

I have a friend who mentioned one time that if she had a chance she would hang up a mirror on every wall to reflect every once of light passed into her home (She's from California, so this explained her need for sun light). I on the other hand, wanted something new to look at on each wall. To have pictures, paint, photos, collections and mirrors working together to form interest. It took some time to realize that mirrors create there own interest depending on where they are hung. They can bring symmetry to a room, add drama and enhance spaces to places that light has never seen. Oprah's design team uses mirrors as table clothes on tables so that each sparkle on the plate shimmered more, each candle burned brighter and every piece of silverware illuminated itself. Mirrors have more potential than I gave them credit and I know that incorporating more of them in my home will come easy.

Last week, I ordered up a square mirror to hang over our sink. We have many windows in the kitchen by the table but none on the walls of the kitchen area itself. By placing a mirror there I was able to see the rest of the room and get some light in from the windows on the other side. Big thanks to my friend who saw the vision before I did, I couldn't have done it without you!

Note: If you like this idea and want to add it into your kitchen we used a kitchen caulking glue to set in on the tiles. Keep in mind that the only way to remove the mirror would be by breaking it and peeling off the glue. This is only for kitchens that have tile on them already, other wise use regular hanging methods.

Reflect, hope.

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