Saturday, October 3, 2009

On top of my world

It was my birthday on the first and if there is any day that can make some one feel purposeful, this would be the day. The telephone rang the whole day, my message button blinked urgency and I must say it was nice to hear each persons voice. Presents spoken from distant hearts. Distance in miles is only a number for some and even in her chaotic stage, with a borrowed car and three kids my friend drove for hours to make it here for me. She looked exhausted but her face showed compassion and I love her for that. Of course, extreme measures don't always ring the loudest. Small gestures can exceed grandeur. Thoughts, cards, comments, hugs and the classic birthday tune make any one feel like they belong. Like they are needed. Like they exist.

Before all of this, when I just moved to Portland. I was alone. This created a great deal of pressure on my dear "Genius" but I figured if any one at all cared that I was born, it would be him. This year, he did what he does best. Building me some bedroom furniture was on top of my wish list, in addition to his hard work he took a day off to devote himself in making me happy. One of my favorite moments was on the roof-top of an Eco building. We discovered a area that we have never been on before, a place with a fire, chairs and a view of our favorite places downtown. It was around four-o'clock and conversation was becoming small-talk. Eager, I found a new way to create conversation for us when none is left.

Looking at the people below, I saw a lady carrying a florescent piece of paper and it began with that. Objects can remind us of our lives, that paper reminded me of the time "Genius" went to our daughter's class for a breakfast date. Apparently, the teacher Mrs. Lo made the best pancakes EVER, so much so that he asked for the recipe and made it for us the following week. I smiled at the memory but also envisioned the pink sheet of paper the recipe was written on.

"Genius's" memory went back to the year 2001, when we were dating. He was flying-in to meet my family in Canada and in order for him to know where we were my youngest brother wore a florescent yellow, Gap, fleece sweater to the airport. "Highlighted" there was no way someone could miss it, or even forget. Little did "Genius" know that a day would come where that sweater would be the trend of the season. Laugh it up, I said, you have one!

It went from fun to business, from work to family, from life to balance and from priorities to pleasure. We were above everything else, seeing memories and sharing time at the top of a building....I loved it!

Birthday, Hope.

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  1. That looks like a great place to sit and relax with a book. Do you mind sharing the locaion?