Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday Throw-down

It has definitely been a busy week. There was a few set backs, a couple overwhelmed moments and at least one break down. But as always a new day awaits and I had just enough in me to pull myself together. Its amazing how much a new day brings and how one days struggles are another days triumphs. Yesterday was that day for me.

In the midst of planning meals for my friends with newborns, baby shower preparations, financial observation and the await of my sister coming I promised that I would post the guest room up on the blog. Unfortunately with the tightness of time, nothing was getting done and I had one screwed up cake to fix on Thursday.

Luckily Thursday was on my side. Some would say luck, I would say faith. It was one of those days when everything goes right to a point where there is enough time. Early that morning, after picking up some paint for the canvas art I was attempting I stopped by "Good will". My recent adventures there have been unsuccessful but yesterday I found everything I needed for the room.

There were two jewelry stands and light shade that went well with the theme. I was excited. Ya, accessories do that to me. After I put the room together, the best I could with out "Genius's" help I called my friend for a nail polish shade of pink that was worth the hassle.

My sister loves pink, she is a girl so why shouldn't she? Realizing that, I had felt the need to supply her with the things that comfort us by giving her a gift. I think that everyone could use a new brush, a new bottle of polish and a new night shirt. I felt that I was right on....I just needed balloons and some tissue that sparkled to throw the pink over the top.

We are leaving in just a few hours to pick her up. "Genius" helped out with scheduling a bike ride with our kids in the "Bridge pedal of Portland". It's 37 miles, doing that with two kids would take him all day so that freed up some alone time for my sis and I. As I crossed the last thing off my list I felt my body relax and I found that deep breaths are best taken when there is nothing in the way to hurry them.

I know this is a little long, I had a lot to say and a lot to get off my chest.
Thursdays, hope.

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