Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Hype

Recently, on one of our dates we went to a restaurant where we overheard a conversation. A gentlemen passing by was raving about the atmosphere in the place we were at. He talked about the Italian family that owned the place and how they managed to combine their traditions, language and food in a way that worked together in the experience as a whole. After hearing this I realized that it was the lifestyle of this family that brought people in and it was their devotion to others that created this hype.

As people, we want to be entertained. To laugh, to eat and to enjoy time so anybody that can give us that we want to be around. We will choose you over everything else because the moment becomes personal instead of surface-like. This is what every good restaurant has, a feeling that you can't explain but you know you are part of. I believe this a great example of hospitality and it put me to a challenge with our recent guests. Enjoying people on the other hand is easy, so together we had a lot of fun.







Different people do different things. Different ways. Different norms. I recently talked to someone who felt best when they were completely left alone. Help me understand this area more by sending me your comments on the way you feel most comfortable as a guest.

Thank you.

Enjoying, hope.


  1. Honestly, I think I feel most comfortable when people "make me part of the family."

    *tell me to "grab a glass out of the cupboard and waters in the fridge" (rather than serving it to me)

    *Eating Good food, but then after watching it be prepared letting me help clean up.

    *Good conversation, some serious topics and some ridiculous ones too!

    *Mostly feeling special.

    I have NO DOUBT that everyone feels special as your guest...I've heard many many stories!!!

  2. Great tips. Thank you, it seems like you know what you like as a guest but also know what is appriciated as one also. I like the "feeling special part", because to give people that, one would need to see what they want and being aware is what I want. To pay closter attencion to peoples body language, tones, and actions to better understand their needs.

    Thank you once again.