Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bathroom Break

My sister left just, yesterday. I tidied the house back to order to await another set of guests coming on Thursday. Since the bedroom was already done to the best of my budget I put some finishing touches to the bathroom.

I don't like to cut curtains because I never know where they will be hung next, but a great alternative in this case was to tie a knot. This creates a better bathroom length that is both neat and out-of-the-way for daily shower use.

Glass canisters have recently become very popular and are fairly cheap to come by. I Love to place everyday items in them because they are both decorative and functional. Placing plates underneath gives them a place of their own but its also a detail touch that I love.

Tags are a great way to take away the guess-work for guests. This is another idea I use to my advantage because I don't always want them going through all the drawers, especially in the kids bathroom where they are not under constant watch. I also think it looks cute so that helps.

Lastly, I made up a basket of things that the guests may need during their stay with us. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and body wash are a must but I also included things like face wash, toner, creams and water. Mints are always a hit too, I need to make a note-to-self though.

I also want to add some fresh flowers to the space. I find that in spaces that don't have windows, like this bathroom it brings in life and light that a window typically does. I like to choose Lavender when its in season because of its aroma.

Completed, hope.


  1. I am coming to stay as your guest! When can you fit me in? :)

  2. hehehe. YOu are always welcome tamar, you and your witty self.