Monday, August 3, 2009

Hospitable Heart

August came to us in a heat wave that awakened the city. Every where I turned people were having a good time outdoors. In this last month of summer break we have been catching up on our wasted time. We have been at swimming holes, sat on picnic grounds and pedaled on biking trails. We have been traveling to near places, dining on outdoor patios and taking walks along the rivers bend. We have also been having company over for many late night sittings but this week would be the first time this summer that someone will be staying for a few days. Family is coming to town!

I was excited because for the last few months Hospitality has been on my heart and I searched for ways that I could be more hospitable. Realizing that I only have a few days to put my vision into action I found a scripture to encourage me and push me forward.

"He must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self controlled, upright, holy and disciplined...."

Breaking it down I knew that being hospitable was to go above and beyond what is expected of me. I decided that I wanted to finish my daughters room which was doubling up as a guest room to let the person know that we were expecting them, not fitting them in. In order to do that I needed to transform her bland walls, hang up some pictures, add accessories to a shelf and pull everything together with curtains.

I have a bed.

I have a light.

I also wanted to let the person know that I find them important and I wanted to put together a small gift of things that they enjoy or may need during their stay with us. To make them feel welcomed and thought of during their visit.

Finally I wanted to free up my schedule to have time with them. This was a little tricky but its amazing how flexible life is when you want it to be. Of course that does not mean it will be easy but it is possible.

I knew that for these things to happen I needed that scripture. I needed to love what is good and to know what that was for me. I needed to be self controlled and disciplined to be the good host that I wanted to become and having my sister over would give me the practice I needed for my vision to become a lifestyle.

Today is a starting point, a blank canvas of a room will hopefully become the expression of my heart. I will keep you posted with my attempts and perhaps my determination will not fail me this time.....

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Hosting, hope.

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