Friday, August 14, 2009

Rock my world

Ikea opened up near our town about a year ago. It turns out that people have a love-it or hate-it approach and in our case we are the "lovers". What we enjoy about the store is that it has free child care for kids that are potty trained and tall at least 37 inches, we have two that meet this requirement. They also have great frozen cakes that I am recommending to all of you who would rather "buy" than "bake" a cake. They are quite delicious. Lastly, I think that their decorating ideas are simply genius.

These reasons lure me back to the store time and time again, sometimes for a free break from the kids, other times for inspiration but mostly for cake! This time was a business trip, "Genius" needed some kind of light system for work and I wanted my usual sweet-treat.

If any of you have been there you will notice that they have a certain way about directing you through the store, they basically make sure you follow the route so you would not miss a single item. During this trip we enjoyed the familiar walk around the store, sipping on our shared cup of coffee. Towards the end, in the floral department I came across these rocks for 99 cents.

Even though the rocks are beautiful, the simple bag captured my attention. Woven bag, heavy rocks and a decorative touch at a price that was nice was exactly what I needed to stop my doors from closing when I wanted a breeze inside my house. With a "sale" a reason always follows.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever had good ideas from things that were too cheap not to get? I know that for me that's when my mind works best, when things come to me. Today was a sale.


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