Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Bang!

This weekend we celebrated our sons seventh birthday. He wanted to have a "Nerf" party so Nerf it was! I created a separate list of to-do things for this occasion but I think pictures would do a better job explaining the extent of this theme.

#1. The cake creates a moment in the party, there is childish belief that only when the candles are blown out do they turn their age. The kids gather, the song is sung, wishes are made and presents await. It is a fun-filled time and a highlight for everyone. I did a Nerf Gun Cake using home-made fondant and put real screws as decoration which the kids enjoyed taking out. You never know what will be a "hit" with the children, but it was fun watching them wait their turn to "unscrew" the gun before eating it.

#2. Entertainment needs to be there for the children. They want to have fun and you want them to, but only the kind that is directed and games are great for that. One of the games that we did was place targets throughout the yard and had the kids practice their aim before the next game which was "Dodge Darts". This idea came from "Dodge Ball" and the rules were to avoid the darts for as long as you can because the last one left wins. The kids liked this a lot, especially because each of them got to have a turn being a captain of their team.

#3. Goody Bags are always a nice gesture to your guests. They present a "Thank you" in the best way we know how, by giving back. Since it was a Nerf party I knew that I wanted to have guns provided for the kids so I looked around in several stores and found the gun we wanted for 50% off in Fred Meyers. Ten guns cost me fifty dollars and the safety goggles were ten dollars from the dollar store. These were given out to the kids in the beginning and were theirs to keep instead of the traditional bags.

Generally I learned that you could throw a pretty good party with a little bit of effort, a little bit of luck and a great to-do list. April 19th this year happened to be a great sunny day and the kids welcomed the idea of being out doors after the long winter season. I got a great deal on the guns and my expenses were cut in half because of that. Of course there was pizza and pop but the best part was that my oven got fixed and I was able to make my wings finally, they were good enough to lick your fingers after wards so I think that says it all.

Always, Hope.

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