Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grace in small things

Last night I wanted to make chicken wings. I craved the spicy barbecue sauce, the coolness of blue-cheese dressing, the crunchy celery sticks, and mostly the juicy meat itself. Little did I know that this desire would turn into a disaster.

Its interesting how when one thing goes wrong it seems to have the worst timing. This chicken experience brought me to the realization that if it had happened any other week the effects of it wouldn't have been so traumatic. But it did happen and just like in a fight all the ugly things come up and my mind began to panic.

I am hungry and upset with no dinner.
My oven broke on the week of my sons birthday.
On the week-end that I agreed on making 4 cakes for a function.
We called the toll-free number for assistance.
We read the entire manual.
Turned the power off.
We reset the oven.
Tried every button.
Nothing. Just frustration.
I am mad with myself because I think I made it overheat.
As I did with the microwave 6 months ago.
It is still not fixed, the oven was my source for reheating.
Now the microwave and oven are both broken.
The towel rack in the kitchen falls off the hinge.
The frying pan didn't fry the wings evenly.
I hate chewy chicken fat.
We leave the house hoping for a miracle.
Like in our last disaster, only months prior.
I flipped our only car.
All my kids were in it, Drakers was 9 months old.
Didn't shower that morning.
Stinky, standing on the side of the road with 3 kids.
Get a $100 dollar ticket for "wheels leaving the pavement"
Have no insurance.
Pay for tow truck.
Pay for the ticket.
Thank God that we didn't get hurt.
Sell our car for parts, $600.
Takes care of the ticket and tow truck costs.
Try selling our house in this market.
So we could buy another car.
Pay decreases.
Urgency pushes.
House not selling, borrowing car.
Loan readjustment approved.
Heart rejoices.
No more struggle to pay for the house.
Just the absence of material things.

We do have each other, that is a blessing.
Survived the crash, we have our health.
Our fridge still works, I am happy for that.
Cold food is underestimated.
Tangerine, Beet salad with sweet a citrus, honey dressing.
My love for food continues.

This post was inspired by "Grace in small things"
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is beautiful.

    Tamar just turned me on to your blog...she said it was amazing, and boy was she right...

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  3. Tamar is why I am doing this blog. She sees it for the possibilities.
    She must be really visionary:)
    Thank-you Amy.

  4. God is good.. he works in ways we dont understand i cant wait to see what he does for you guys next.