Friday, April 24, 2009


In a Sunset magazine I picked up in May 2008 had a front cover of luxury camping resorts. This type of camping is now called "Glamping". Its taking the concept of the classic outdoor escape and taking it to a level of relaxation without the preparation. One of the places featured that caught my interest is in Greenough, MT at Paws up Resort. At the resort's Tent City, roughing it means canvas-walled platform tents, king size feather beds, and matching decor. They have private bathrooms with steam showers, in-tent spa treatments and much needed massages. S'mores are available on demand, wine is served on arrival, and the gourmet fare is Montana-inspired. They say that the 37, 000 acres is perfect for any of your camping adventures and there are enough stars sparkling overhead to have your much needed privacy. The dirt is that they start at 595 with a four-night minimum. For more you can go to

This sounded great and perhaps a year ago when I grabbed this issue we could afford it. But times have definitely changed since then and it is not a season for "glamping" no matter how amazing they make a feather bed sound.

Just because we couldn't afford it didn't mean we couldn't experience it. So this week for our date we created our own. We made a fire, placed at least three blankets on the ground, and prepared a tray with food that could be cooked on a skewer. We didn't have platform bed or feathers or even a tent but the fire kept us warm and kept the conversation alive. We didn't have 37 000 acres but we had a third with a partial view of vast landscape so it seemed alright. We also didn't have anybody serving our every need but we had each other for that so was fair. Compromise is easy when there are no other options.

We looked into space and made shapes with the stars because our astronomy knowledge was limited. At one point he pointed out the little dipper and I let him do the talking this time because just the rambling on of words comforted me. We seemed so alone compared to the greatness of the atmosphere and my mind couldn't even form a mental picture of how big it really is. His words stopped, only music was heard playing in the background coming from our house. We went inside, showered from all that smoke and fell unto our own crisp, white sheets. And even though we didn't have a feathered bed our down comforter was good enough after our back yard adventure.

What are some of your "glamping" secrets, what things do you do?

Glamping, hope



  2. I know tell me about it, I'm sure even your husband will put up with it.