Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bird Watching

This weekend we met a couple on Lovejoy Drive for Saturday morning bagels. "Genius" found this place on one of his bike rides and has been raving about it ever since. The bagels were as good as he promised and we couldn't stop ourselves but go for seconds. After the food we went shopping in the Pearl District of Portland with the couple, the friendship came easy and it turned out to be a great day despite of the rain.

Inside each store the theme of birds and nature was staring at me on every turn. I was beginning to think that by writing about them I was also exposing them and my mind was picking them out from the shelves of each place. There were the Ostrich Eggs along side a branch themed bedding by Dwell, a branch lamp in Pottery Barn and almost anything a bird could be printed on. The similarities followed us up until the end where we ordered lemon bars at a dessert place called "Two Tarts". The sign on the building was of two birds kissing. I did think that it was an unusual twist to the day but almost expected as well.

Saturday is the reason I am sharing with you a centerpiece I made almost a week ago for a function. It is made out of spun sugar, candy Easter grass, and chocolate eggs. I know that many baby showers are happening this season because the streets themselves are proof, so all of you ladies that are going to be in charge of baking the delicious treats perhaps this will be something for you.

Hatching, Hope.


  1. What's the name of the bagel place?! I love bagels!

  2. Kettle mans Bagels on Lovejoy and 23rd.
    I love bagels too, or anything yeast is put into.
    hope you enjoy them