Monday, April 6, 2009

One good will

It started three years ago with my daughter Jenny who was two years old at that time. She, as many children was at a stage where she took her shoes off during even the shortest drive. This was expected and as a mother I simply assumed that our love for shoes begins early on in our development so I allowed her to discover the snip-snaps and sparkles of her precious foot wear. The problem started when as with socks there is an annoyance of only having one out of the pair. So we started to keep an eye out on Jenny. I remember that it was about the fifth pair in when we saw her throwing out her pretty little "clip-clop" in the small opening of the car window. It was that day when I decided to step foot in a Good-will and start buying discount.

Last week, I was on my routine walk at a Good-will when a lady made a compliment on my one year old son. Being uncertain on the way to respond to comments like that I smiled and said a polite "thank you". The women must have wanted to have a conversation because she started to show me some sort of valuable tea cup that was part of a antique collection which I had no knowledge of. I tried to be interested in her rare find but that particular day I wasn't in the mood to make friendly small-talk so I hurried on past her. Later, I saw her at the checkout. Then when I was leaving the parking lot she was standing at the entrance waving me down. After I Pulled down my window she mentions that today there was a 50% off everything sale at The Salvation Army.

That day I encountered a whole new world of discount, a world where cheap is even cheaper one day out of the month and that day was when I found these canvas art pictures for 10 dollars a piece. I came home and thought of the lady who thought of me. This made me realize how just being friendly could open doors to doors perhaps that would never have been opened. For me that door was Salvation Army.

Thank you mysterious bargain lady.

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