Monday, April 13, 2009

Laundry Luxury

I am not one of those people who enjoy laundry day by all means. Over the years I have tried many techniques to make this chore as simple as possible. One of those ideas consisted of having baskets assigned for stained clothes, dry clean only items and things that need ironing prior to wearing. I am positive that this technique works for everyone else but me. The thing that I found that best works is just paying attention because if my kids are dressed up nice I take note of everything that they are doing and eating. Without even trying I notice the first stain on the article of special wear and immediately place water on it if I am not in the position of actually submersing it! On the other hand if my senses aren't drawn to my kids and myself then the piece of clothes we are wearing is not even worth the hassle.

My favorite product is bleach because their is no second guessing it. Regular bleach cost less than a dollar. This also means that there is no spout to make the job easier or a cup with it and my problem with that is the dripping, most of the time on me and almost always on something I love. The other problem is that seldom do you find kids stuff that is all white, most of the time there comes a print and its life span is then divided by half because I know myself well enough. I tend to disregard the bleaches need for power and each time it takes me by surprise when it spreads too far. Luckily they invented the bleach pen. Hooray, that took a load off me.

I have been paying attention to where my money goes and at a recent stop at the store for bleach I carefully looked at my options:

#1. The dollar Bleach. Need I say more? Its almost not even an option.
#2. The Bleach Pen for $3.89. What? There was like one ounce of bleach but I was tempted.
#3. The Ultimate Care Bleach for $2.89. Its easy on fabric, cream-like and has a cup included.

Seeing my three options made it easier to choose because I always choose the one that hits middle. To me it simply states and reassures me that I am the middle-class so I should shop like one. Purchase was done but laundry was far from it.

At home I set out the whites. Table cloth, pants, shirt and socks. I filled the cup with bleach and wondered how I was going to apply it. I tried a toothbrush but I didn't feel like it was precise enough and there was too much room for error with those bristles. Searching in my kitchen I came upon a medicine syringe. I wondered why I always feel the need to keep them and made a decision that I should put some use into at least one. I was happy to find that I made my own bleach pen, I actually made like 100 of them and at the same time saved money without sacrificing a luxury. It was a good laundry day after all.

Stumbled upon, Hope.