Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My first attempt

On a recent budget planning evaluation we estimated that each year we spend about 700 dollars on hair services. The number shocked us but at the same time we were not willing to step down and settle with "Great Clips". I brought up the fact that my hair was too fine and flat, I needed a miracle worker to do my hair and that miracle was "Miranda". "Genius" said that his hair was too thick and full, that for his type you need a person with plenty of experience. Sarcastically I exaggerated the fact that we all wish we had his problem of having too much hair. "Oh, if only I could complain about my hair being too thick and luscious." I sighed a jealous breath of air. We laughed about it and thought about a reasonable solution.

My solution was to go to a school and take some classes, learn some simple techniques and in about 2 years we would be saving money for the rest of our lives. "Genius" thought my idea was ridiculous and mentions that I could probably find some hints on-line. This was actually a good idea and so I searched the internet but unfortunately found nothing that was helpful. A two minute clip of seeing someone cutting hair from a distance was not enough for me to trust myself with a pair of scissors. But it did help me realize that I have been watching Miranda cut my hair for years, so I was willing to give it a try.

My first attempt was with Jenny. Previously I had been taking her to my hair dresser about every 6 months and paying 40 dollars for each visit. It was time for her next visit and you could see that in her hair. The ends were so dry and thin that they just frayed out in any direction. She cried each time I brushed her hair probably because it could only be pulled out. I used hair detanglers and conditioners. I blow dried, straightened, and put pomade in her hair. It worked but only for a day until she slept on it. Plainly it looked so awful that she just got used to wearing a hat. "Poor child" you'd think, but it was me who was in denial about how bad it really looked. Luckily she was cute, don't let that get you!

After she had a bath, I brushed her hair to the best of my ability. I knew that I didn't want to take the length off, just some layers to frame her face and add some flow to her hair. I took the scissors in my hand and started in the back. Always start in the back because it gives you enough room for practice until you reach the front, its also the part you see and what you can't see won't hurt you! Also Miranda starts at the back and she knows what she'd doing so I trusted her technique. My theory worked out well and by the time I got to the front I felt pretty comfortable. I finished. Checked it one more time and thought it was decent enough. It didn't look professional but it did look nice. It looked presentable and I beamed with delight. Partially because this made me realize my potencial and partially because this meant I could spend 40 dollars on myself. Yay.

Sometimes circumstances push us to do things we might have never done, it has a way of changing our mindset. Realizing our potential will bring us to a place of opportunity. It will help us regain our confidence in ourselves to perhaps have enough in our next adventure. For me it was cutting my daughters hair, it was about taking a chance with myself and my abilities. Doing that made me realize that the only person that couldn't let you down would be yourself so the risk seemed promising and it turned out to be true. I didn't let myself down and neither will you, so go ahead and try because you could be surprised.

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  1. you did a great job on jennys hair and im so proud of you for takeing that step. you can do anything you put your mind to it. you can come practice on my kids if you like lololo