Friday, April 17, 2009

A simple pleasure

It was one of the first nice days of spring. The weather was comfortable with no rain, only rays of sunshine beamed down on my exposed skin. I welcomed the UV rays and let them penetrate through me as I sat on the porch and enjoyed this simple pleasure. I was in a good mood.

"Genius" came home early so that we could still catch a glimpse of sun on our date, and we did. The down town restaurants had their patio seating put out and the people looked happy to be outside. We had dinner, we took a stroll around the area, we read one of those tourist papers and ended up exploring some kind of historic building. All that walking burned out all our previous dinner calories and dessert sounded great so we took two slices of pie "to-go" at a local cafe, they didn't serve coffee but we didn't mind. We just kept on walking until we found a place that was still open. They had some of those word magnets, so we played around with them until our order came up.

Downtown Portland, Oregon & Mt. Hood by travelportland.

Travel Portland courtesy of Flicker

A double shot latte seemed to bring some life into me and I suggested that we take whats left of our coffee and our dessert and go to a place that overlooks the city. "Genious" says its too late and it would be better to head back. I plea with him. I know he has trouble saying "No" to me so I use that to my advantage. It works and he drives us up to a rose garden that sits on a hill and has a view of the entire city. We happened to have a blanket in the car so we take it along with the rest of our goodies.

Sitting on the steps of the park we shared the coffee and pie. We looked out on the city. It was beautiful, the stillness of it was serene and it was hard to believe we were just there a moment ago sharing space with the gigantic buildings, borrowing their grace and living in their height. Watching the spot lights from one of the places, both of us sat in silence just taking in the day.

Simple pleasures make up our lives.
Where are your favorite places to go?

Simple, hope.


  1. yeah that does sound something that you and "genius" would enjoy doing .. lol

  2. Every one loves pie. Its an American thing so you wouldn't know :) jokes.

  3. Thanks for sharing that momment i was there with you.