Monday, July 6, 2009

"Christmas in July"

Cherry filled Cupcake with a Dark Chocolate Butter Cream

Cupcakes are not for children anymore. Toppings like coconut, dark chocolate and raspberry bring a level of maturity to the common "Betty Crocker" box. I have even encountered fillings such as custard and fruit cobbler which puts it in a different level if compared to the average bite. When ever I do come accross a cupcake I have the need to buy at least one...or two and each time I do I come home craving more. I usually end up baking up a storm. This time I drove around and distributed them to family and friends as a mid-day snack. This was a lot of fun because as it turns out a cupcake can put a smile on any face. Of course I started thinking about Christmas cookies. Like Cupcakes they are a simple treat that everyone loves and I wonder why we wait for Christmas to bake a batch? Why should it only be once a year? And why can't we have "Chrismas in July"? For so many years at the peak of off season advertisements sold us to the idea of "why not"? So this just gives us another way to "bake in the sun".

Why not, hope.

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