Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was reading an organizing article that had over 50 tips to make some ones life a little easier. Most of the tips were very helpful but I found that my mind could only put one to action so I skimmed through to find it. There it was, near the end. Pushing me and my abilities even though it could not have been any more simple or straight forward.

Tip #3: Baskets

Have a basket at the end of the stairs with items you place in throughout the day to avoid going back and forth. At the end of the day just take the basket up and distribute the items to there proper places.

I love this idea because even if you are not organized this is something where you don't need to shuffle anything around or put labels on. I love the simplicity of it and because of that I am introducing it to my kids by taking it up and letting them put away their items. I really believe that almost any one can put this into effect right away and feel a sense of relief. Come on now....take a deep breath of relief just because you read this.

Organized, hope.

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