Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breakfast Bananza

I hope you have been enjoying the recipes I have been posting. It seems that its all I have been doing recently, cooking and creating. I am sure that you want some variety by now so since I have missed a couple posts and need to do some catchup I have decided to devote this week to tips that I use in my home to make my life that much more simple. Enjoy.

Tip #1: Breakfast

Crepe Stack with Cottage cheese and Apricot Preserve

Breakfast for me seems to always be rushed, even now when its summer. In between planning for the day, parks, chores, play dates, appointments and last-minute messes all before nap time at 1:00, becomes overwhelming the minute I rise out of bed. Of course I try to use my time efficiently and depending on the day ahead I plan my meals accordingly.

-Parfaits for the times when I am extremely rushed. It could be thrown together and eaten all in 10 minutes and simple enough to eat on the road as well.

-Cereal when you just don't want to get out of bed and deal with the day just yet because sometimes spilled milk and crushed crumbs are WORTH IT.

-Oatmeal for the days when I do have it together and want to give my children the proper amount of nutrition. I love to throw in some frozen berries to prevent burns on those anxious little mouths.

-Scrambled eggs for the late mornings when breakfast falls into lunch. Protein is key when I want to boost them up before the chaos ahead. French toast is also an option when I need to get rid of the stale bread in my pantry (Its amazing what Syrup can cover).

-Pancakes, Waffles or for us its "Crepes". It takes some time but we love them right off the skillet with butter and jam. I make them when I want stock up my freezer. I usually double up on the recipe and place the extra ones in the freezer between wax paper. Pancakes or waffles just need to be toasted and the crepes can be quickly thawed out on a skillet. Great for kids.

-Breakfast boats are for special days. Days when good mood shines into my house and I am willing to wait for the dough to rise, to play with the kids as they make their own and be okay with mess that we make together.

-Lastly, is my favorite time because its my husbands time to take over this morning meal and I can say I look forward to it every week. I must say that I do love a man in the kitchen.

I realize I missed many breakfast favorites like bagels, sausages, bacon and more so Help me out, send your tips for all the days in between these and let me know if this is something that you think about when you start your day or if I am totally alone on this one?

Morning, hope

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