Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walk the way

We went walking in a new part of town. I wanted to look at a few antique shops and Genius was in the mood to take me. The weather was damp, wet, and cold. But it was the usual and I was prepared. I had on my rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella.

Amongst some very interesting things, I found the coffee sacks I had been looking for. They were going to be used in another attempt to reupholster my chairs before going plastic and my hopes were high this time around. Perhaps child number four would know how to properly sit in a chair. Perhaps she won't bounce around in her seat or eat without playing with her food.

As I enjoyed my sarcastic adventure into a land of behavior, we walked into a coffee place and sampled away on freshly roasted beans. They seem to be the talk around town so we were delighted with the experience, as well as interested in some of the classes that the shop offered.

Continuing down the street with another sample, I was amazing at how a cup of that size could warm my whole body. But a sip and a half later I was back on empty, searching for another place to browse in.

The flower, wine and salt store soon caught our attention. And while we inquired about the wall of Salt I couldn't help but ask what the blocks of it were for. Eighty dollars did seem a little steep, until it was explained that they could be used in a variety of cooking crusades. Grilling meat, searing veggies, or morning eggs could all be done on the salty block. This was definitely a place to keep in mind, especially for gift baskets.

We were coming to the end of the road, but not before we walked into a shoe place. The smell of real leather marinated into my clothes. All the things there were taken to a whole new desirable level and we drooled over the bags and shoes that stood before us. But although our minds ran away with the merchandise, it seemed that our wallets had a real sense of restraint so we walked away with nothing except an exceptional idea for sneakers.

A simple elastic tied at one end and worked up the shoe, puts the traditional shoe laces to shame and I can't help but love the idea.

Thanks again, Portland.
You rule, hope.


  1. I know....I know. I thought this was the perfect $1 fix to those shoe laces that makes my children s faces cringe.