Friday, January 28, 2011

Contagious Color

Head band

Linen Skirt

Pearl Onesie

It all started on a day when painting got the best of me. When a quiet moment was grasped in the arms of color and when I just couldn't put the brush down. But what started as a small project progressed suddenly as I remembered the fabric that lay neatly tucked in a box, waiting for its purpose. Anxiously I pulled it out, wanting to be surprised in the mystery of the moment.

The femininity of it, was breathtaking, and in minutes I envisioned the pair together. I imagined a skirt where the bronze pearls played along side the modern birds and flowers of the print. I saw a piece that went beyond the obvious but inside all of the intricate details that had been designed so perfectly on it. And the more I looked at it, the more I was excited to create it.

Sewing, can sometimes feel therapeutic and while I wondered about purpose and design I fell in love with an idea. An idea that something with purpose can not be contained, instead it is contagious. It will in fact, take over its surroundings and inspire everything around it in a way that both easy and natural. It will in the end be noticed not by seeking attention but by being itself.

So badly I wanted to be that person. A person who can be confident about her strengths, be the person that ignites peoples passions, and serves her purpose daily. Living out a life that will bring out the best in me and the people around me. Be a person of spiritual depth and color. Easily and naturally, myself.

Natural, hope.

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