Monday, February 14, 2011


This Valentines day I went looking for a Raspberry scrub from The body shop, but was inspired by cherries instead. Chocolate covered cherries infused with alcohol is a popular choice for many people so when planning our date for tonight I thought it would be appropriate for the occasion.

The scrub almost looks like a cherry puree and the smell was sweet enough to drench a whole body in, so it was a fairly easy decision to make especially since my mind was already moving me right along. I was in the plans of making a chocolate cherry cake with notes of Vodka through out. And, since the cherries for the cake would need to marinate in the alcohol for some time I thought a cherry infused drink would accommodate our bath well.

For all the other wives out there, I hope you are having a great Valentines day. I hope that every day can be filled with moments that will ignite your heart by very sight of the man that you love. The one you have chosen just as much as he had chosen you. That you wouldn't expect from each other the things you aren't willing to do yourselves and then wait on them. That instead, you would take a day and shower him with the things that he loves just because you love him.

Valentines day or not, Cherr-ish every moment. Hope.

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