Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage made Modern

It seems that I haven't walked into the craft room in weeks but as I looked through my pictures, I came along one that I had forgotten about completely. Here is a photo of my little Drakes, wearing a hat that I made only a few days before Christmas. My favorite part is this vintage, Can pull. It was something I didn't know what to stick on until I was reminded by the verse "All things old will be made new again". Funny how the bible does have the answers for everything, even the new worldly fashion statements. Saving the earth had never been so publicized, and what was going back to the roots with Organic lines has now turned to Eco-friendly choices that push us to make a conscious effort in re-using the old. Well, if the bible is behind this phenomenon, I love it, especially if its vintage---made modern.

Eco-friendly, hope.

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