Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Jeans

Today I felt inspired by an old pair of jeans. Besides needing an alteration I used the bottom edge to create this adorable accessory for my "American Girl". Taking about 10 minutes out of my day we had enough time to go play at a park.

It can be used as a belt, head band or anything else you can tie it up to. I did find that the jean material is heavy so keep that in mind. All in all, I love the look and I am excited to hem up another pair of jeans, just to see what else it can do.

To create this, simply cut the bottom edge off the length of the pants. Cut on one of the seams to break open the circle and starting from one end roll it up. Use a glue gun to glue as you roll. Attach the flowers together and pick a ribbon, elastic or headband to attach them to. To finish, cut out some felt for the backing and attach.

The fun part is that the more distressed it is, the better. So find that old pair of jeans your daughter doesn't fit into any more and make them into something she can.

Blue Jean, hope.


  1. GENIUS! So clever and creative. Don't be surprised if you see Lucy wearing one of these :)

  2. Its the perfect glue gun craft, so here's to sticky fingers....have fun.