Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dish it out

Dishes to me are simply that. Dishes. Or so I thought, until I spotted this amazing dinner plate with handles at the Dollar store. I grabbed all of them, because at this point it wasn't about want or need it was about BARGAINS and bargains surpass all the rules in my book. 13 dinner plates have never been so admired by a person, and I lovingly divided them out. Six were given away for an event I was helping with and the other seven were for...Me! Of course I wanted one more to complete my table setting of eight, but four locations later I was walking out empty handed from each one. Sad but true, perhaps you can find them near you!

With one dollar plates I allowed myself to splurge. Just a week later, I bought these cake stands from Costco. It is my very first set and I am pretty excited to add them to my kitchen collection. Using them as a centerpiece was another way for me to display a tiny tea set and the 'Tea Forte' teas. Tea forte, is known for their pyramid shaped boxes and unique combination of flavors. Check them out http://www.teaforte.com/. I order my favorite loose leaf teas online but in the meantime keep my eyes open at discount places for 'out of season' flavors. I found a box of Pomegranate Blackberry iced tea at TJ Max for pennies. The best part is, that the boxes open from the bottom so as you use up the tea, you could also fill the boxes with dried lavender to keep on the table.

Brew up, hope.

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