Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Day

I took a day to think. I organized the toys, saw more home-improvement projects and made mental notes in my head. Pacing back and forth between the rooms I walked into the room several times to remind myself that I indeed started a project.

Knowing that I can't rush ideas out of me, I turned my focus on the opposite wall. At first it was going to be green. I wasn't crazy enough about the color to be slapping more of it on the walls so instead I took out my color chart and looked for a new inspiration.

There is was "Charcoal Grey". I called the order in and picked it up. I was hoping this would set the mood in the room enough to change my mind about my stenciled wall.

Here are some helpful tips I found for picking paint.

1. Find something you love and look at the colors, right away you will know what your drawn to.
2. Don't skimp out on the name brand paint.
3. If you are going for light room, pick a shade lighter on the sample.
4. Compare the swatches that come before and after, to see what hidden hue it contains because it will tend to come out more when painted.
5. Even with tips, rooms can still disappoint. But sometimes it takes that to know what you want.

Painting, hope.

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