Friday, January 8, 2010

Design a Room

It is now a full week into January. This is of some resemblance because my youngest son is turning two. For his second birthday we are taking him out of the nursery and instead he will be sharing a room with his older brother. For this month I want to take you into my journey for "Designing a room".

The Vision: I will be transforming a Bonus Room into a shared space for my two boys. Their are no closets, so storage will be very important. I am thinking a wall unit. It will also be the room where, when others come over they will play so it will need to be kid friendly. I am envisioning a play space that includes a television. Lastly, I have no budget so I will have to use things from around my home and abuse "Genius's" handy-man skills.

The First Step: I drew the room out.

Drawing gets your mind working without actually doing any work. Just by scaling the room on paper created the idea for painting "letters" on the wall. I will use the letters in their names to create a vocal point for the room.

Picking the color, is the hardest for me. It is as if there is no going back on the project. The advice I give myself, is to know my home well enough to know the junk that I store. This way I know what will work, what can match and what can be painted over.

I have 2 sheet sets. One in blue and one in gray. I have an airplane comforter, a corduroy gray comforter and a navy quilt. I have one wooden bed, one bed frame, 4 shelves and three mattresses. And the best thing I found was the green line in one of the sheets. Green. I was liking the sound of it and hoping to like the sight of it.

Time will tell, hope.


  1. I am anxiously awaiting the finished project. You have a great vision and I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  2. i hope I haven't lost my touch:)

  3. Ooh how exciting!! Looks good already :) Have fun!